About Company

Acquire. Transform. Scale.

What we do

Our mission is to acquire small to mid-size legacy or entrepreneurial financial services companies in the wealth management, forex, and stock brokerage sectors.

Post-acquisition, we integrate our proprietary Condor trading infrastructure and software development capabilities to replace conventional legacy or third-party technology infrastructure.

Finally, we scale such businesses through improving end-user experience, increasing client retention, automating business processes, and realizing cost synergies.

Transformational Acquisition of AD Advisory Services in December 2021

FDCTech acquired 51% equity stake in AD Advisory Services Pty Ltd ("ADS" or the "target"). ADS is a regulated wealth management company with 20 offices, 28 advisors, $530+ million funds under advice, and approximately $6 million in 2021 audited revenues.

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Meet the executive team behind limitless software codes.

Mitchell M. Eaglstein Co-Founder / CEO
15+ years in brokerage technology.

From January 2016 to date, Mitchell Eaglstein is the Co-Founder, CEO and Director of FDCTech, Inc.

Imran Firoz Co-Founder / CFO
20+ years in corporate finance.

From January 2016 to date, Imran Firoz is the Co-Founder, CFO and Director of FDCTech, Inc.

Jonathan Thomas CEO / AD Advisory Services
20+ years in wealth management.

Jonathan Thomas is the CEO of AD Advisory Services, a subsidiary of FDCTech, effective December 2021.

We are a Fintech-Driven Bootstrapping Company


We offer fully customizable end-to-end brokerage technology infrastructure, enabling target companies to reduce cost and provide a unique value proposition.


We develop fintech software at a fractional cost and quick-time-to-market, allowing target companies exposure to new digital assets and revenue models.


Our growth model is to acquire, integrate, transform, and scale small to mid-size legacy or entrepreneurial financial services companies.

Multi-Asset Trading Platform

Condor Multi-Asset Trading Platform is a complete margin trading platform for traders looking to access stocks, ETFs, forex, and other financial markets.

Investing & Trading App

Condor-for-All is a simplified and gamified investing and trading platform available on Play and App store for traders of all experiences (Q1/Q2 2022).

Digital Wealth Management

The Robo Advice is a digital wealth management platform to target the underserved Australian wealth management industry (fiscal 2022).

Exchange Technology

Condor Pricing Hub is new connectivity as a service platform that enhances market trading liquidity and execution.

Software Development

We provide software development services and technology maintenance for small to large financial institutions.